When I Have Alzheimer’s: A Quick and Simple Guide for My Caretakers is Caryn Gale’s way of documenting her personal experiences in providing care for an Alzheimer’s patient, her mother. It includes everything the author wishes she had been told when her mother was diagnosed, from “The Simplictics of the disease” to “Death Approaching”. Gale’s initial reason for writing this book was to give simple groundwork for her family if they are eventually faced with the prospect of providing care if she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her hope was to provide them with the assurance and strength while watching the normal progression of the disease. With the publishing of this book, she hopes it will provide the same to individuals who are caring for Alzheimer’s patient.

Filled with informative discussion and insightful personal reflections, When I Have Alzheimer's: A Quick and Simple Guide for my Caretakers is a touching documentation of serious considerations that should be taken by all caretakers and caregivers of an Alzheimer's patient through their journey filled with uncertainties, isolation, sorrow, and grief to bring about understanding, resilience, faith and compassion.